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How to Stay Healthy As You Age

How to Stay Healthy As You Age

The passage of time presents us with a series of challenges, both physical and mental. As age progresses, it becomes more likely that individuals will suffer from physical or mental degeneration. On a positive note, some problems can be remedied or kept manageable by making the right choices and adopting healthy habits.

How to Stay Healthy As You Age

Physical Health 

Your body maintains its vitality by constantly regenerating cells and repairing tissue. The introduction of free radicals via pollution, poor diet, and medication has a deteriorating influence on the DNA in your cells. When exposed to too many toxins over an extended period, these damaged cells accumulate and form growths such as cancerous tumors.

Toxin exposure can be mitigated by choosing fruit and vegetables over-processed foods, reducing the life expectancy of your cells. The following measures will also help to reduce cell damage:

  • Avoiding heavy metals; this includes things like cigarettes & alcohol (nicotine is particularly toxic)
  • Limit the use of chemical sawdust or fertilizers
  • Exercise regularly, which is particularly beneficial for the heart, as is a healthy diet. To protect your cells from oxidation and further damage, eat foods containing antioxidants such as vitamins A & C, beta-carotene, and selenium.

Mental Health

The brain is another sensitive organ that undergoes constant regeneration, but not always in a healthy way. The brain is susceptible to damage from toxins and can lead to mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

The following advice will help to minimize the risk of mental illness:

  • Limit or eliminate your intake of alcohol; this can trigger or worsen mental health problems
  • Drink plenty of water; dehydration can cause mood swings, memory loss, and depression. It is recommended that you drink eight glasses per day
  • Exercise regularly; this helps to boost energy levels and better manage stress

These measures will help reduce the risk of injury or illness, but they are not guaranteed. Whenever a medical condition is present, it is recommendable to seek professional advice from a doctor or healthcare provider.