Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Gums and Teeth


Your gums and teeth are susceptible to decaying and breaking down, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t care for them properly. There are a few ways to strengthen your gums and teeth: flossing, brushing after every meal (especially if you eat sugary foods) and using mouthwash at least once a day. It’s also suggested that you start using a straight interdental brush every night before bed.


Another way to strengthen your gums and teeth is by taking supplements! For example, Vitamin D3 straight from the sun helps your tooth enamel maintain density throughout its lifetime. Fish oil strengthens the periodontal ligament which attaches your tooth to your gums.

Vitamin C and selenium strengthen your gums and help prevent them from sagging and losing their original shape. And fluoride strengthens the overall structure of teeth, prevents future decay by restoring enamel that has already been damaged, stops or reverses gum disease in its tracks, strengthens bone density (and thus helps prevent osteoporosis), and can even reverse tooth decay.

You can even drink green tea because it contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which actually prevents teeth from becoming overly sensitive and it strengthens and protects them against further damage.

If you eat sugary foods (such as candy) make sure to brush your teeth afterward. If you don’t, those spots of plaque will turn into cavities and that’s never a good thing. Other things to try: flossing, brushing after every meal, using mouthwash at least once a day, start using a straight interdental brush every night before bed, taking supplements, drink green tea to strengthen teeth, eat tooth-strengthening foods.