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How to Look Attractive Without Makeup


A new trend has been sweeping the nation, and it’s something that will make you think twice about what makeup can do. Celebrities are regularly photographed without makeup on to show their real beauty, whether by choice or by demand of media outlets. Though some stars still refuse to go without makeup in public, they’re usually shot with strategically placed items or something covering their face.


Many women are nervous to step outside without makeup on because society has told them that they need it to look beautiful. The truth is, however, that you don’t need any makeup at all. Though some people can be naturally beautiful with or without makeup, the media still touts the idea that women must wear makeup for it to be considered attractive.

There are makeup routines that have been created for the purpose of making someone look more attractive, but they’re not all necessary. Here are some tips on how to appear beautiful without wearing any makeup at all:

 Keep your skin healthy

Without good skin, you don’t need any makeup because people won’t be able to see past the flaws. Take care of your body and get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, don’t pick or squeeze blemishes, and get a good daily moisturizer.

Keep your hair healthy

It doesn’t matter how perfect your complexion is if you have bad hair; it’s going to be too much work to try and focus on fixing your skin. If you have frizzy hair, invest in a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner as well as a leave-in product. Make sure that you’re brushing your hair regularly or it will get tangled and look messy very quickly.

Keep your wardrobe looking fresh and new

Wearing the same old thing doesn’t do you any justice if you want to look attractive without makeup. You need to have a good wardrobe of clothing that looks attractive on you and fits well. If something is worn out, whether it’s a pair of jeans or a shirt, make sure that you fix it up before leaving the house.