Earthquake is Felt

Just very recently, maybe an hour ago, I’ve received news from my friends from Agusan del Sur, Cagayan de Oro and Davao del Norte that they have felt an earthquake. It was strong but really prolonged in duration.


But of all the things I have asked first include if their wall-hanged house decors were still intact to mention their newly bought guitar which will sure to fall on their Yamaha P105 piano. Good enough the earthquake was not that intense and prolong that could cause wall decors to detache and subsequently fall.

Here in the city where I am at, we haven’t felt the shake nor the aftershock effects. But I am just hoping that all of those affected were safe and away from danger.

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Tattoo Removal Methods

When they think of tattoo removal, often people will have in mind the older methods of removal. These often included traumatic invasive procedures to dig or scrape the ink out of the skin. This is no longer necessary, and laser removal is generally used in most cases. Unlike these older methods, the lasers will be able to deliver bursts of energy beneath the skin to break up tattoo ink. This allows the body to remove the ink through its own immune system. No invasive measures are needed, and the effectiveness of the approach is dependent on the overall health of the client since it is their own body that ultimately removes the ink.

Tattoo Removal MethodsTattoo Removal Methods

A major issue that will generally come up for most is the question of how much is tattoo removal. Tataway offers a free, online system to get cost estimates for your specific case. They are specialists in laser removal, and tattoo removal is all that they do.

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Music of the Rain

In these times of literally rainy days – a lazy moments are these, there’s no other best thing to do but to listen to great music all day. It’s like listening to the music of the rain.

Rain MusicImage not mine.

I don’t have a great sound system here to provide me good music, or even a component or part of a sound system such as a bass like bt1. But of course, this does not hinder me not to found a great player and listen to heartwarming music on these days. I better yet grab my mobile phone and start sporting for great music to play on.

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