Post-Earth Day 2016 Celebration

Celebrating the Earth Day 2016 seemed unusual since it is not that important, according to many practical thinkers. Simple household stuff which I already mentioned on my post yesterday regarding Earth Day 2016, are enough for many to do to conserve our Mother Earth.

Earth Day CelebrationImage from

However, since it’s only I and my little man here at home, and Mother Earth is so good that she showers our area during the afternoon with love as to our plants and grasses were dancing and singing with joy, we also sway our booties with them and sing our hearts out. Although we do not have kareoke machine here, we just make use of online videos of songs. My little man really enjoyed singing with me under the rain.

This is indeed a very great day to celebrate post-Earth Day celebration by extending our thanks to the Lord and to Mother Earth because it rains!

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Earth Day 2016

After Earth Hour, here’s Earth Day that we all need to celebrate. We all need to do even a little stuff to conserve our Mother Nature.

Earth Day 2016

One thing that I personally do to at least, and somehow, help our Mother Earth not to suffer from too much heat due to climate change is simply bombarding my side and front yard with plants. These plants will sure to help neutralize the heat brought by climate change. In fact, I have just shared to you in my previous posts that plants that I planted in our yard and the progress on how they healthily grow.

Aside from planting, another thing that I practice here at home is to conserve water by reusing them. I do not immediately flush down and throw waters to the canals but rather shower them all to our plants and grasses in the yards. Accordingly, those washing are good fertilizers also to the plants which are evident with my beautifully grown plants and grasses.

What about you? What little things you do at home which help our Mother Earth be still?

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Variegated Eugenia myrtifolia Plants

I have already mentioned in one of my previous posts that I will be sharing to you here my variegated plants. And here it is, one of my variegated Eugenia myrtifolia below.

Variegated Eugenia myrtifolia Plants

This is actually a shrub. It’s elongated leaves with pointed end are lined with white borders. Each leaf has swirls of different hues of green from the lightest to the darkest shade.

I just planted this shrub in a pot using a loam garden soil. This one’s not sensitive as long as you water the shrub at least twice a day, in the morning and during late afternoon, just the same as to other plants. Accordingly, and as what I have observed also from other plants, this one best shows its gorgeous shades of green when exposed directly to the sun. So what I just did and you can even notice it from the image above that the leaves are beautifully shiny and almost perfectly showing different shades of the color green. Opps! Never mind the white stuff I put on the soil, those are uncooked egg shells as those will serve as natural fertilizers to these plants.

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