The GREEN Beauty of Hagimit Falls in Samal Island

GREEN is in! This perhaps the very reason why I prefer a green well-preserved outdoor recreation for the whole family rather than a man-made and improved resort. One of the best spot in the locality where every family loves to spend a holiday or a weekend is the Green Hamigit Falls in Samal Island.

Hagimit Falls Samal Island

The image above is not mine. In fact, I haven’t been in the area for quite some time now. The last time I visited the place was not this inviting and heart-captivating yet. And when my hubby mentioned this to me that he wanted to visit the place since the owner of the resort is his officemate, I made sure to sport for some new and updated images of the area and this was what I’ve seen — the really inviting place for the whole adventurous family of us.

When I get to show this to my hubby, he then planned for a vacation that is also suited for my schedule. He even made sure to bring with him all the necessary outdoor gadgets, not just to use in food preparation but also in documenting each breathtaking scenes and memories we may have in the place, such as the handy recorder and our digital camera. However, the recorder we have do not have video recorder feature but rather a plain simple audio recorder like the zoom h6 at recorder. But at least we have our digital SLR camera to back us up for video recording and capturing.

Nonetheless, our family outdoor GREEN travel will be realized soon and I will make sure to update you all here with my latest images to share.

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What Does It Take To Find The Best Wi-Fi Provider For Events?

What are you supposed to do so that you can find a good Wi-Fi service provider for your events? How are you supposed to know the best internet providers for events and conferences? I guess it will be a tall order for people who are not conversant with this industry to land the best Wi-Fi providers. Well, there are a number of things that one can do to find some of the best companies that can offer them good Wi-Fi services for their events and conferences. The best thing to do in getting Wi-Fi for an event is to search the web.

A simple Google search can turn in many companies that offer this kind of a service. Companies such as Trade Show Internet will always be on the first page of the search engines due to their reputation. You see, this is a company that is known to specialize in offering Wi-Fi and other forms of internet services such as satellite and even fiber. Many people are constantly searching for the best event internet providers and TSI is a well-known company in this niche. All the people and companies that have used the conference Wi-Fi via TradeShowInternet Company can attest to the quality of the services that they received!

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Music for plants

We all know that music appeals very much to us, humans and animals alike. We cling on to music for relaxation and entertainment while certain animals, such as cows and chickens, respond to music by producing more milk and eggs. The vitality of music even allows many people to make money from it. Indeed a world devoid of music is but a barren field, dull and lonely.

But little did we know, that as much as music satisfies human and animal needs, plants are as well impacted by good music. Several types of research have shown that plants have the ability to respond to sound waves thus, positively affects their growth. Similar to humans and animals, plants relax when they hear music. So, if you are inclined of taking good care of any plants, whether ornamental or not, you should play to them. A daily dose of two to four-minute classical jams with your yamaha keyboards will definitely do. With this, you will have a greener and healthier plants.

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