What to do on Rainy Days?

Almost all parts of the two main islands of the Philippine archipelago, Visayas and Mindanao, have been experiencing light and moderate rain to heavy thunderstorms these days. Flash floods and landslides are often to occur in most hilly areas while the danger of storm surges are apparent in the coastal regions. Going out can be very dangerous especially when heavy torrents of rain pour down outside.

At times like this, people would usually stay in their homes. Indeed, this is the perfect time when we would indulge a steamy cup of brewed coffee and read our favorite novels. The calming effect brought about by the soothing sound of rain never fails to free us from stress.

Rainy Days

In addition, a supplemental session of playing your favorite instrument with your very own korg keyboard on a rainy day like this one could not be any more perfect. Maybe rainy days are not a total bummer after all. Keep safe this rainy season!

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