Variegated Plants in the Front yard

My mom is unquestionably having green thumb. I do not know if I got mine from her or maybe, I just need to plant since it’s needed. Haha. I am not sure though. But what I am certain enough for now is that my mom wanted to make a forest of variegated plants in our front yard. Opps, I guess I have failed to mention and actually, did not blog about this yet that we already moved here in our simple abode. Since our front yard here spacious enough to grow plants, my, myself just thought of anything that grows beautifully tall and that would be the palm trees. Why I want those because they provide enough shade which probably will make the surrounding area colder during the pick of the day. But my mom disagreed and so we both stick to her idea. And now, we are starting to create our mini forest of variegated plants.

Variegated EugeniaImage from

The image above is obviously not mine. But sooner or later, our yet little variegated Eugenia here will sure to grow as bountiful as to that in the image above. And as what I had been doing in the plants in the province, I will also trim those sexily as I could.

For now, I am crossing fingers as to these variegated Eugenia to grow fast and healthily so to make our environment here green and lively.

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