Sporadic Weather Changes

The sporadic weather changes we are experiencing for the past few weeks is both a blessing and a curse.

I believe many of us are beyond happy to experience rain, especially on the end of our rice farmers. Water is essential to the growth of the newly-planted rice in the fields. For many farmers, rainwater is a blessing because they need not spend money on irrigation since rain is readily available at any time of the day.

On the flip side, however, heavy and perpetual rain is one of the main root causes of diseases. Rainwater that is stagnated in the local areas, would eventually cause the development of dengue-carrying mosquitoes which endangers the health of the people.

This rainy season, make sure to clean your areas for a dengue-free environment. And as this season progresses, you might as well remain indoors and relax with the best music with the best speakers purchase at musiciansfriend.com (check it out!).

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