Smart Consumer: Go GREEN! Choose PAPERLESS Bills

Isn’t it good to see your desk, your office, your surroundings paperless? Absolutely, YES!

For almost a year now I chose not to receive paper bills at home from any of my billing companies. Aside from the fact that my mom would probably know which my companies I am at accountable at for any credits and payable bills, I certainly would have a lesser piles of paper bills in my room. My bills are delivered to me only via my email, online.

Paperless bills, it is. This is just one way of a smart consumer to participate in making Mother Earth a greener place and living; just as I do.

Smart Consumer: Go GREEN! Choose PAPERLESS Bills

Smart Consumer: Go GREEN! Choose PAPERLESS Bills

Through this paperless billing, I can somehow contribute to a lesser cutting of trees for paper production. Trees do great part in water absorption in the soil especially during rainy season. If more trees were cut for paper production, the more likely to have flooding in lowland areas.

Paperless billing also helps lessen the multiplying dumps of garbage anywhere. Though papers are recyclable, who among the busy groups of professionals who used to a lot of billing companies being subscribed would still be able to think and spare a time to recycle papers? Papers do not get degraded in just an hour, or two, a day or a month, but more and a lot of processes to take.

Now, can you take your part to be a smart consumer? If then, Go Green! Choose Paperless bills!

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