Preparing for ‘Chedeng’

It’s always a nerve-jerking experience for every typhoon hitting our place in the country. And for this time around, the third typhoon that every Filipino is about to face is the typhoon ‘Chedeng’.

As usual, the basic stuff that we prepared include food such as canned, and those instant food, bottled water, portable electrical sources and of course medicines and multivitamins as well. But while having all these to get done from the grocery store, I was able to drop by at a music store just to check on musical equipment to load in our little abode such as the cdj 500 which was worth the visit to the store.

Anyway, moreover, aside from the above stuff that we prepare, the most important thing that we made sure was ourselves as emotionally and spiritually prepared to conquer this another trial to face. I really hope we really could!

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