Staying Safe This Christmas

It’s five days to go until Christmas! I bet many of you are already hyped for parties. Overflowing food, loud and upbeat music resonating from an m-audio av30, and late-night extravaganza with fun people—who would not want to enjoy this, right? A night out would not hurt much, I mean, we all need a little break from the stress of office work and school, and the holiday season is the perfect time to unwind. Before going out, however, please keep in mind these few safety reminders.

Staying Safe this Christmas

  • Bring the essentials. Fully charged a mobile phone, cash, i.d.s and other necessary stuff. Who knows when you might need this.
  • Don’t go alone. I know some of us have this unsurprising notion of being a strong independent individual, but as the old saying goes, there is strength in numbers.

  • Be vigilant. Parties are filled with different kinds of people so it is better to be aware. If you are driving, stay sober.

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Low Pressure Area in the Coming Days

It is expected that as soon as the Holidays is getting near, the country always experiences low-pressure area (LPA) or having rainfall. In fact, there are lots of areas that are flooding. Good enough, though always raining in our area, flooding is not that really overt compared to other places.

Although a lot of things are hindered to be done when raining, but I prefer it more compared to sunny weather. One reason is that I have an auto-shower for my plants in the garden. I definitely will a lesser water bill compared to the previous months. Another good thing during rainy days is the weather is such so conducive to just stay at home and just play with my son, instead. My cooking skills will also be developed more – experimenting on food to cook deliciously for the cold weather.

Low Pressure Area

Now, at this very moment, one thing that I am enjoying is singing a song, a karaoke here while the rain drops smoothly as well. Every raindrop is like a music in my ear. I am like playing drums using a pair of lars ulrich drumstick. But I am just actually singing in a karaoke using my new karaoke set, speaker, amplifier and microphones.

Moreover, I just so hope that this low pressure that the country is experiencing now will not result to more damage and casualties and that, every people can cope up easily, as well as our environment.

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Earthquake is Felt

Just very recently, maybe an hour ago, I’ve received news from my friends from Agusan del Sur, Cagayan de Oro and Davao del Norte that they have felt an earthquake. It was strong but really prolonged in duration.


But of all the things I have asked first include if their wall-hanged house decors were still intact to mention their newly bought guitar which will sure to fall on their Yamaha P105 piano. Good enough the earthquake was not that intense and prolong that could cause wall decors to detache and subsequently fall.

Here in the city where I am at, we haven’t felt the shake nor the aftershock effects. But I am just hoping that all of those affected were safe and away from danger.

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