Green Toys: Recycled Musical Instrument Toys

My son loves to play with musical instrument toys. In fact, one of his godparents gave him a guitar toy but only lasted for a couple of days as he also loved to dismantle each part. This time around, I am thinking of assembling a musical instrument toys out of recycled materials.

Green Toys: Recycled Musical Instrument

Just like the image above which is not mine, I am designing out of my mind a toy out of used cans of biscuits as that is what we have a lot here. And of course other components will be just wood or other plastic materials that I could imagine a good one to use. But my problem now is that my little man wanted to have his first saxophone rather than a recycled guitar since he already got one. And the worse thing, I honestly do not know how to make a recycled saxophone. But this one’s funny, the hubby just suggested to buy our son a toy saxophone then rather than squeezing our brain to make a recycled saxophone. Hopefully, we can find one in the mall.

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