Go Green to Save Cash and Energy

Establishing good green habits at home and in the office will actually save you money. Going green has a bit of a bad reputation for being an expensive lifestyle (the investment in light bulbs alone can be painful) but in the long run, being energy-efficient and being cost-efficient go hand in hand. There are lots of little ways you can go green to save cash and energy, even if you don’t buy any new light bulbs.

Go Green to Save Cash and Energy

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Going Green

“Green” has come to represent a concern for the environment, but remember that green is the color of money, too. Going green will help you save green, but only if you stick to the changes you make. Once you make certain green decisions, give them time to start making a difference in your life.

The environmental stuff will follow, too, which is sort of a nice bonus. Even if you are not a believer of global warming and other environmental theories, you probably know that gas and energy are expensive. Saving energy is the same as saving money.

Green Tips

Even little changes make a big difference when you pay the monthly bills.

Save money on gas by buying supplies online. Sign up for a free online account at popular buying sites and office supply companies. Rather than driving to the store, spending hours’ of manpower on shopping and then driving and unloading all the supplies, you will receive deliveries that come right to the office.

The online marketplace is very price-competitive as well, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of promotions and coupons.

The Internet can be used to conduct other office business as well, saving you on equipment costs. Rather than using energy to power large, heavy machines, use the computer that is probably running constantly during business hours anyway.

Online fax services from MetroFax, for example, allow you to use the Internet and an email address to send documents. Instead of running a dedicated phone line and machine that will drive up your business costs, just use the Internet to send .PDF files. Preview windows and step-by-step instructions make the process very painless and quick.

Regulate temperature to keep energy costs more consistent. Check insulation around doors and windows; air leaks can cost you hundreds, even thousands, yearly. Simple foam insulation or caulk may be easily placed around cracks and crevices, and you will notice a difference in your utility bill right away. Add or replace weatherstripping on doors and windows to keep the outside from getting in.

The initial costs are an investment that will pay off, over time, in months and years to come. Creating a greener home (or office) environment leads to a lighter ecological footprint and a more cost-efficient lifestyle.

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